The UK’s Top Property Investment Hotspots


Now, at LMA Property we live in South London and operate mainly within the city, so we are a little biased towards our capital.  So when researching the UK’s top property investment hotspots, we were unsurprised, and a little smug, to see that a number were situated within London.

That being said, it would seem that property in the North of England is becoming ever more enticing, because a fair few Northern cities also made the list.  So, with a little for every person, the London lover and the joyous expat – take a look at our list of the UK’s top property investment hotspots both within and without our glorious city.

  1. Wood Green

A savvy option for the patient investor, Wood Green may well be akin to the proverbial tortoise of the London property market.  With a target of £3.5 billion to rejuvenate the city centre, which will include the redevelopment of over 25 sites as well as the creation of the Crossrail 2 – offering far better links for commuters, we expect Wood Green to see some fantastic growth over the next few years.

  1. Basingstoke

Situated just outside of London, Basingstoke is proving a popular choice for young professionals driven out by London prices.  Whilst the city itself has a surprisingly prosperous digital economy, its real pull is its fantastic links to London.  With a number of regeneration and development projects in the pipeline, Basingstoke could well be one to watch over the next few years.

  1. Croydon

Situated in our very own South London, Croydon is the up and coming place to be for young professionals.  Fast becoming the “Silicon Valley of the South” and boasting over 1,000 startups (a title which is uniquely complemented by the soon-to-arrive Westfield shopping centre as well as the introduction of Boxpark), there is little doubt that Croydon could well be the place to be for young professionals seeking affordable rent and attractive job opportunities.

  1. Salford

This city in Manchester has, over the past few years, had something of a remarkable transformation.  The Northern town has seen a tremendous revival thanks to investment in the creative industry, with a recent £1 billion investment in MediaCityUK – a clear demonstration of just how powerful this sector is becoming in Salford.  Currently, 60,000 people now work in the creative and digital industries in Greater Manchester and it is predicted that this number will grow 27% by 2034.  This injection of capital and young professionals is of fantastic benefit to investors seeking a change from the London property market.

  1. Liverpool

For those who wish to dip a toe into the student rental market, Liverpool may well be the place to do it.  Boasting a phenomenal 70,000 students spread over four Universities who are attracted to the fantastic nightlife, culture and affordability, demand for student accommodation is unlikely to dip in the foreseeable future.  Not only that, but housing regeneration schemes in the Liverpool docks have seen prices across this city rise, most notably in the L1 postcode where house prices have risen by a whopping 41.2%.



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