LMA Property Exhibits at Hammersmith & Fulham Means Business


At LMA property we are proud to work and live in the South West London area.  Having worked in this area for well over a decade, we have come to know and love every nuance and intricacy, so it seemed like a natural fit for our very first exhibition to be at Hammersmith & Fulham Means Business*, the business summit taking place this Thursday 16th March in partnership with Your Business Community, with the council hoping to put this region firmly on the map as an important destination for business within the whole of Europe.  This is a sentiment that has been bolstered by the announcement of Imperial College London to open the I-HUB at White City.  Boasting more than 185,000 square foot, it aims to translate research and innovation into genuine commercial enterprise.  This means the hub will have dedicated spaces for entrepreneurs and will be of immense benefit to the South London business community.


And, of course, lying within South London, Hammersmith and Fulham themselves, forming an integral part of the commerce of South West London, with about 17,000 businesses in the borough employing more than 128,000 people and generating around £9.3 billion towards the borough’s economy (according to the event’s website).  Which makes the event Hammersmith & Fulham Means Business all the more exciting.  With more than 30 companies exhibiting, we really couldn’t say no when the opportunity presented itself to be a part of this exciting day. Dedicated to the SME sphere, and to uniquely raising the profile of those who dare to go it alone, as well as larger companies, the event will have over 400 professionals attending. Therefore, this day should be a fantastic celebration of all that is great in South London.


As well as offering exhibitors the opportunity to promote their services to the local community, it also provides vital support to entrepreneurs and sole traders looking for some advice.  There will be a one-to-one advice clinic, where experienced professionals will be able to offer their expertise in fields ranging from law and accounting to marketing and sales.


Meanwhile, there will also be a number of invaluable seminars chock-full of some fantastic educational content. These will include:

–         A start-up master class

–         Must have social media marketing tips

–         Perfecting your elevator pitch

–         From concept to reality, the journey of a new business


And for those of you who relish a robust networking opportunity the event promises two speed networking events.  We’re a little envious that we’ll be manning our stall and won’t be able to participate in all of the extras going on (however, it will be a great stall, so we really can’t complain)!


At LMA Property we would love to see you there, so please do feel free to pop by if you happen to be in the area… you never know you may even get a free pen!


And if you can’t make it on the day but would like to be in touch about any of your property maintenance, management or inventory needs do feel free to give us a call on 020 3893 8635 or drop us an email on leah@lmaproperty.co.uk


* https://hammersmithandfulhammeansbusiness.co.uk/

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